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Scheme of Examination:

For Classes Nursery to II-

There will be one written Annual exam and Assessment will be done on the basis of class assignments.

For Classes III to IX & XI-

The academic year will be divided into five term:

Term Type of Term Duration of Term % of Weightage
First Test Written Aug-20 to Aug-25 10%
Second Test Written Oct-25 to Nov-05 10%
Half-Yearly Written & Oral Dec-10 to Dec-25 30%
Third Test Written Feb-15 to Feb-20 10%
Yearly/Annual Written & Oral Mar-05 to Apr-30 40%
    TOTAL 100%

For Classes X & XII-

1. The academic year will be divided into two terms. In the first term there will be two unit test of 25 marks & each of 1 hour duration each & Half Yearly examination of 100 marks.

2. In the Second term there will be one Pre-Board examinations of 100 marks each.

3. Annual Exam is conduct by RBSE Board.